D​/​V 1: Deaf Ears

by Goodnight, Sunrise



released December 3, 2013

Written, arranged and performed by Goodnight, Sunrise

Produced by David Kochberg and Matt Weston
Engineered and Mixed by Matt Weston
Mastered by João Carvhalo at João Carvalho Mastering, Toronto, ON
Recorded Oct. 25-26, 2013 at Swamp Songs Studio in Lucan, ON

Goodnight, Sunrise are:

David Kochberg - guitars, bass, lead vocals
Vanessa Vakharia - keyboards, lead vocals
Paul Weaver - drums, background vocals

Art direction: Goodnight, Sunrise
Design: Paul Weaver
Photography: Jon Shireman

Additional background vocals by Matt Weston



all rights reserved


Goodnight, Sunrise Toronto, Ontario

GOODNIGHT, SUNRISE is throwing a party. A party where rock and roll is fast and loud, and where it’s still cool to have fun. A party soundtracked by soaring harmonies, shredding riffs, thunderous beats and infectious hooks. A party without pretense or inhibition, a celebration of the uniting power of music. GOODNIGHT, SUNRISE is throwing a party, and you’re invited. ... more


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Track Name: Calling It
Look; I get it - It's just my turn
But that don't mean that it don't burn

Another time, in another place
I could disappear without a trace

Look, I get it - it's just a shame
Lesson learned: a spark is not a flame

I could lie, I could wait
I could call it fate
You could be my mystery
You could be my sun, but you won't be
And that's ok with me

I'm not trying to change your plan
I'm just trying to understand

Foolish me to think I was your reason
When I was just a changing of your season

I could lie, I could wait
I could call it fate
I could try to hesitate
I could take the bait
You could be my mystery
My alchemy, electricity
You could be my sun but you won't be
No you won't be
And that's ok with me
It's gonna have to be
Track Name: 501
An ever rotating coil of denim
A ferris wheel of endless venom
Accusing of the highs and lows
It comes and goes and ebbs and flows

What's loose cuts tight, skin breaks and fights
A masquerade of holy nights
Accusing of the ups and downs
It spins around and round and round

Flip a coin
Spin the wheel
What’s real recognizes real
Pick a card
Roll the dice
Double down on your own advice

An endless answer with no question
A pool with no stain of reflection
Accusing of the plans and schemes
It sleeps and dreams and yells and screams

What's tight cuts loose, from the abuse
A hunger with no sign of truce
Accusing of the starts and stops
It sinks and drops and snaps and pops