D​/​V 2: Bridgeburner

by Goodnight, Sunrise



released July 15, 2014

Written, Arranged and Performed by Goodnight, Sunrise

Produced by David Kochberg
Engineered and Mixed by Ruben Huizenga
Mastered by Phil Demetro at Lacquer Channel Mastering, Toronto, ON
Recorded May 25 2014 at 12 Bit Studio in Toronto, ON

David Kochberg - guitars, lead vocals
Vanessa Vakharia - keyboards, lead vocals
Paul Weaver - drums, background vocals
Thor Thunders - bass, background vocals

Art direction: Goodnight, Sunrise
Design: Paul Weaver
Photo: John Verive / CC BY



all rights reserved


Goodnight, Sunrise Toronto, Ontario

GOODNIGHT, SUNRISE is throwing a party. A party where rock and roll is fast and loud, and where it’s still cool to have fun. A party soundtracked by soaring harmonies, shredding riffs, thunderous beats and infectious hooks. A party without pretense or inhibition, a celebration of the uniting power of music. GOODNIGHT, SUNRISE is throwing a party, and you’re invited. ... more


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Track Name: Liar Liar
I've got a bad bad feeling
That you're messing with my head
Building crosswords on the ceiling
Rewriting all the things I've said

I've got an intuition
You're trying to play me like a fool
You turn me into ammunition
I'm sick of all your stupid rules

I wanna tell you
I wanna tell you
I wanna tell you I don’t need your games

I've got a bad bad feeling
You've got a noose around my neck
I'm pretty sure that you've been dealing
From the bottom of the deck

I've got a premonition
That you're toying with my mind
I caught you lying by omission
And now I'm paying for your crime

Liar liar, multiplier
Liar liar, multiplier
Liar liar, multiplier
You can’t hold me under fire

I've got a bad bad feeling
That you're messing with my brain
Your motivations are revealing
I think you're driving me insane
Track Name: Gold Star
Your own reflection
Your misdirection
And that hollow grin

Cut what you can sever
This is one war
You ain’t gonna win

I see right through you
I know what you been through
But that doesn’t give you the right to walk all over me
You want your golden star
This time you gone too far
I’m not the one that broke your heart so don’t you take it out on me

Who your friends are
Don’t let dementia
Justify your abuse

Your double vision
You might be forgiven
For being so confused