8​:​17 (single)

by Goodnight, Sunrise



The lead single from Create/Destroy/Create, the debut album by Goodnight, Sunrise which was released March 8th, 2013.


There may come a day with no mystery at all
With no more line between summer and fall
A day when distinction between wrong and right
Fades from black to white
There may come a day with no knowing glances
With no longing stares, no second chances
A day when the truth of thoughts left unspoken
Are woken when silence is broken

There may come a day with no mystery at all
No questions just answers that tear down the wall
A day when with strength we stare doubt in the face
We finally stop looking, stop craving the chase
Until then we’ll wander
We’ll wonder, we’ll ponder
Roam aimless and shallow, regret what we squander

And when that day comes will we welcome it?
When that day comes will we run from it?

There may come a day with no tears left to cry
When you can no longer look me in the eye
A day we regret indiscretions with shame
We grow up, grow so sick and tired of this game
But oh how we stumble
We curse and we mumble
There may come a day with no phone call to dread
When all that remain are the words left unsaid

There may come a day with no mystery at all
No argument lost, no problem to solve
A day when the pieces quit falling apart
If that ain’t the truth, at least it’s a start


released February 20, 2013
Written, arranged, and performed by Goodnight, Sunrise
Produced by David Kochberg and Chris Sampson
Engineered by Chris Sampson
Mixed by Dean Marino
Mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel in Toronto, ON



all rights reserved


Goodnight, Sunrise Toronto, Ontario

GOODNIGHT, SUNRISE is throwing a party. A party where rock and roll is fast and loud, and where it’s still cool to have fun. A party soundtracked by soaring harmonies, shredding riffs, thunderous beats and infectious hooks. A party without pretense or inhibition, a celebration of the uniting power of music. GOODNIGHT, SUNRISE is throwing a party, and you’re invited. ... more


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