The Honeymoon Is Over (single)

by Goodnight, Sunrise



The 2nd single from Create/Destroy/Create, the debut album by Goodnight, Sunrise which was released March 8th, 2013.


There was a time you and I were in love
I was a hand, and you were a glove
You were so young and naive, immature
You were so innocent, and insecure

Chemistry, well now that you can't fake
This was a risk I was willing to take
I always knew that it couldn't last
So what say we remember the good times and leave the rest in the past

Makeup, breakup; when will it end?
Headache, heartbreak; I'm sick of this trend
I thought we would last forever; we were so perfect together
There was a time we could disguise all of our problems with crimson and clover
But this time the honeymoon is over

Delusions, confusions, convolutions of bliss
Not every argument can be solved with a kiss
Put this decision off with one more excuse
Feels like I've got nothing to gain but everything to lose

My heart stopped, my jaw dropped
But I'd be lying if I said I was shocked
Another fight another wrong to make it right
Another lie spoke, another promise broke
I can't ignore all of the signals anymore
I can't go on pretending nothing's wrong
I'm done with compromises I can not survive another makeup ...


released July 23, 2013
Written, arranged, and performed by Goodnight, Sunrise
Produced by David Kochberg and Chris Sampson
Engineered by Chris Sampson
Mixed by Dean Marino
Mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel in Toronto, ON



all rights reserved


Goodnight, Sunrise Toronto, Ontario

GOODNIGHT, SUNRISE is throwing a party. A party where rock and roll is fast and loud, and where it’s still cool to have fun. A party soundtracked by soaring harmonies, shredding riffs, thunderous beats and infectious hooks. A party without pretense or inhibition, a celebration of the uniting power of music. GOODNIGHT, SUNRISE is throwing a party, and you’re invited. ... more


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